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Tips for July close out

Tips for July close out

4Life.com - Business App

You can get the July volume closing by going to 4life.com or the Business App. They're available every day of the year, 24 hours a day! Including weekends and holidays.

  • Report of requirements to reach the rank
    To know the points you need to qualify.
  • Downline report
    To find out the point status of your downline.

Customer Service

To close out July you can also call the customer service corresponding to your market, but remember that it will only be available until Wednesday, July 31st, 18:00 (Spanish mainland time).

Review your orders

From thursday, August 1st onwards, July orders cannot be modified. So it's essential that you check carefully:

  • Are the right products?
  • That's all the points I need?

Don't leave it for the last day!