Foundation 4Life supports Leben mit Behinderung Sozialeinrichtung gGmbH 2/11/2020
Foundation 4Life<sup>&trade;</sup> supports <em>Leben mit Behinderung Sozialeinrichtung gGmbH</em>
Hamburg, 11 February 2020. 4Life Research Germany GmbH is pleased to support Leben mit Behinderung Sozialeinrichtung gGmbH of the association Leben mit Behinderung Hamburg e.V. with a generous donation within the framework of the Foundation 4Life, in order to enable children and young people with disabilities to participate in holiday camps.

Around 1,500 families with physically, mentally and multiple handicapped relatives have joined the registered association Leben mit Behinderung Hamburg e.V. The association has been supporting these families for 60 years and advises and supports them and their relatives on their individual path of life. Leben mit Behinderung Hamburg e.V. aims to enable people with disabilities and handicaps and their families to shape their lives in a way that includes individual development and holistic participation in life.

The donation of the Foundation 4Life is particularly beneficial to the holiday travel program. Since 1974, the Foundation has been offering holiday camps for handicapped children and young people who are unable to travel themselves due to their disability. Annually, about 125 children, teenagers and adults take advantage of the travel offers, because the necessary resources to create a corresponding holiday offer are enormous. Exactly at this point 4Life would like to relieve Leben mit Behinderung Sozialeinrichtung gGmbH and supports them with a donation amount of 4,000.00 EUR.

"The commitment of Leben mit Behinderung Hamburg e.V. is unique in its scope and we are very pleased to be able to support the projects of the holiday camps", says Gregor Koch, Sales Manager Germany & Austria, 4Life Research Germany GmbH. Rafael Fernández, VP Europe, 4Life Research Spain SLU adds: "The participants experience a time in the community with a lot of fun and at the same time the often strongly involved parents and siblings have the opportunity to recharge their batteries.”

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