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Free Shipping

on qualifying orders of 100 € or more.*

FREE Shipping
Automatically applied at checkout on qualifying orders of 100 € or more.

Money Back Guarantee
4Life offers a 100%, 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee on the purchase price of our products.

Standard Shipping, Extraordinary Products
You’ll feel great knowing that qualifying orders earn you FREE 1-7 day standard shipping, and that our quality 4Life products will soon be yours!

Shipping FAQ

  • How do I get free shipping?
    Free shipping is automatically applied at checkout on qualifying orders of 100 €* (excl. national VAT and fees) or more. Orders under 100 €* will be charged a flat shipping rate according to the shipping zone.
  • How soon will my order be delivered with free shipping?
    Standard shipping typically takes 1–7 days.
  • What is the shipping fee for orders under 100 €?

    - Flat shipping fee of 9€ (plus national VAT) will apply when orders are less than 100 €.

    - Cyprus/Malta/Switzerland/Norway/Madeira-Azores: A flat shipping fee of 16 € (plus national VAT) will apply when orders are less than 250 €.

    - Norway and Andorra: the customs formalities in origin are included. Destination rates and taxes, excluded.

  • Is the Shipping Fee incl. or excl. VAT?
    The Shipping Fee doesn’t include the VAT, so it will be added during the Payment process.
  • What kind of shipping charges are incurred for orders placed on MyShop?
    Standard shipping rates apply. Free shipping will be automatically applied at checkout on orders of 100 €* or more.
  • What constitutes a qualifying order?
    Orders of 100 €* (excl. national VAT) or more qualify for free shipping. Free shipping is only applicable to standard shipping rates. Surcharges and other fees (including the Preferred Customer enrollment fee) are not part of the 100 €* total, and do not count toward the free shipping requirement.
  • Do Andorra, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Malta, Norway, Portugal (Madeira and the Azores), Switzerland and the United Kingdom also have free shipping for orders starting from 100 €?
    No, for Andorra, Cyprus, Malta, Norway, Portugal (Madeira and the Azores) and Switzerland free shipping is available only for orders starting from 250 €. For the United Kingdom, free shipping is available for orders starting from 150€. Currently, the Canary Islands do not have free shipping, but a minimum cost of 25€ (and a 13% overcharge starting from 192 €).
*For more information, please take a look at the shipping conditions