We make it possible only thanks to your help 12/16/2019
We make it possible only thanks to your help

Barcelona, December 16, 2019. Thanks to the support of hundreds of 4Life distributors and Preferred Customers, we can keep on building one more year a future full of love, education and quality of life for disadvantaged children. Now that 2019 is about to come to an end, we can confirm that this has been a very special and significant year in terms of funds collected. In the last 12 months, Foundation 4Life™ has donated an extraordinary amount of €25,270 to SOS Children's Villages.

4Life philosophy is based on three main pillars: science, success, and service. This spirit is shared with Foundation 4Life™, which raises awareness about disadvantaged children and the impact we can make on their lives. The foundation also plays a key role in all special 4Life events; for example,  at the European convention Together 2019 alone an amount of €21,114 was raised, whereas €2,370 during the Master Builder Trip.  These collections were used to make improvements in several villages and day centers of SOS Children's Villages, many of which are located in Spain and Italy: Valencia, Madrid, Mallorca, Zaragoza, Turin, etc.

In addition, during the refurbishment of 4Life European headquarters in Barcelona, a large amount of furniture in good condition was donated to SOS Children's Villages Catalonia to help keep local villages and day centers in the best conditions.

One more year, we want to thank all those who contribute —both sporadically and regularly— to improve the lives of all these children and their families. We make it possible only thanks to your help.

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